Understanding the Plant Cell: 3 Engaging Activities Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on August 31st, 2015

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Understanding the Plant Cell: 3 Engaging Activities

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Engage students in learning the parts of a plant cell with a variety of teaching tools and fun activities using your VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 and VariQuest Perfecta Poster Design System!describe the image

1. Name the parts of the plant cell

Before the lesson begins, cut the Plant Cell Collection (SCI195) using the Cutout Maker and assemble on a large bulletin board. For an interactive display, adhere the word labels with double-sided tape. This allows students to easily reposition the plant cell shapes and descriptive words.  

Print a large poster of Plant Cell (VIS095) on your VariQuest Perfecta Poster Design System and edit by removing the labels identifying the parts of the cell. Once the poster has been laminated, students can write in the cell parts using dry erase markers. You can also print 8.5" x 11" versions for students to fill in at their desks and then take home to review!


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2. Piece by Piece

After introducing the plant cell to your class, divide the students into groups of two and assign each pair one part of the plant cell. Ask the pair to research the importance and purpose of their assigned cell part. Have each group share their findings with the class and discuss.


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3. Review with P-L-A-N-T Bingo

For review, play a game of ‘BINGO’ using Square Bingo Card (MTH119) from the Cutout Maker. Cut a bingo card for each student and have them write P-L-A-N-T across the top, instead of BINGO, and then fill in each square with a part of the plant cell. 

Ask questions with a plant cell part as the answer and students cover the words for all correct answers. The first student to get five words covered in a row wins!


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