Back to School Activity: Positing Post-It Questions Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on August 16th, 2014

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Back to School Activity: Positing Post-It Questions

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In our effort to bring you only the best and most innovative classroom practices, we recently went on a Pinterest searching spree for back to school and first day activities. We focused on interactive activities, and this activity from Miss Klohn's Classroom and Dandelions and Dragonflies was one of our favorites.

For this activity all you need are:

  • Post it Notes
  • Posters with Questions
Think of questions you think will 1) engage students, 2) create a discussion and 3) assist in your classroom management for the rest of the year. Print these posters with your VariQuest® Perfecta® Poster Design System or write on large poster paper. We have included a few examples available for download and inspiration. 
This activity could easily be adapted for any grade level and subject, and the answers can always be anonymous. Go through the answers as a class and look for patterns, but also make sure every suggestion is heard. The answers can be used to spark discussion, create a social contract or class agreement, or simply aid in classroom management as the year progresses. It also requires student engagement early in the year and helps them feel responsible in part for their own classroom experience. 
We've created a few sample posters that you can download and print to get started! Simply click on the image to download the larger version. 
variquest poster     variquest poster school      variquest poster learn   
                            variquest poster success      variquest poster teacher

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