End of Year Reading Celebration! Ideas & Resources for Intermediate & 7-12 Classrooms Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on May 5th, 2014

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End of Year Reading Celebration! Ideas & Resources for Intermediate & 7-12 Classrooms

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Lesson: End of Year Reading Celebration Ideas & Resources

Level: Intermediate, Middle School and High School Classrooms 


  • Students will create a class reading legacy for next year’s students.

  • Students will create a summer reading list for personal use.


  • Reading Legacy poster

  • Metallic markers

  • Summer Reading List

  • Snacks and drinks (if desired)


  • Prepare the Reading Legacy poster on the Poster Maker or Perfecta 2400 and hang it in the classroom so that students can access it easily.

  • Copy a Summer Reading List page for each student.

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Celebration Idea:

  • Discuss the idea of a “legacy” and what it means.

  • Explain to the students that you would like for them to create a reading legacy for the students who will be in the classroom the following year.

  • In order to do that, students need to reflect upon their year of reading and pick out one book that they feel would be a great recommendation for other students.

  • As students think of their book, they will meet with the teacher and then record the title on the Reading Legacy poster using a metallic marker.  This poster will be on display for the students who enter the classroom the following year.

  • Pass out the Summer Reading List page and have students spend their independent reading time talking with classmates about the book they chose as their reading “legacy”.  If it is a book that they haven’t read but that interests them, they can add it to their Summer Reading List as a possibility for reading during the summer break. 

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