3 Ways to Use VariQuest Tools to Implement Common Core Standards Blog Feature

By: Lindsey Graff on February 3rd, 2014

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3 Ways to Use VariQuest Tools to Implement Common Core Standards

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Schools across the country are working hard to communicate, implement and facilitate instructions to meet new standards. VariQuest Visual Learning Tools provide a wide variety of ways to help your students and staff smoothly transition their teaching and learning in order to boost academic results.

1. Communication Needs

Are parents aware of Common Core standards? Do students understand what is expected of them? Is your staff incorporating posted targets in order to meet classroom goals? Use the Poster Maker and Perfecta™ 2400 Full Color Poster Design System to communicate standards with clearly posted visuals.

We love the idea of taking "I Can" targets from great sites like The Curriculum Corner and turning them into posters.

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2. Minimize Teacher Prep Time

Teachers are being asked to alter previously created lesson plans in order to align with Common Core standards. With already full schedules, they need efficient tools at their disposal in order to make this transition as seamless as possible. The Design Center 2300 makes creating posters, banners, bulletin boards and hands-on manipulatives faster and easier than ever. Additionally, our curriculum engineers have created 12 Learning Modules which include detailed lesson plans, shapes, and content aligned with Common Core and State Standards. Learn more about how they align with your standards by checking out our Standards Alignment Tool. 

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3. Differentiate Instruction

Because Common Core Standards raise the bar even higher, students who had fallen behind prior to the implementation of these standards, will have an even harder time catching up. It is more important than ever for teachers to reach students of varying abilities, including special needs and ELL students. Classroom visuals such as anchor charts, graphic organizers, study aids, diagrams and more are critical to helping all students grasp important concepts.

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