5 Interactive Bulletin Boards to End the Year! Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on June 3rd, 2015

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5 Interactive Bulletin Boards to End the Year!

Grade Level: Primary (PK-2) | Grade Level: Intermediate (3-6) | VariQuest Tools: Cutout Maker 1800 | Featured Topics: Student Engagement

The beginning and end of the school year is often a time of reflction. We have compiled five writing activities that can double as the ultimate classroom display - the bulletin board!

Students will express the highlights of their year and their hopes for the summer and future, then share with their classmates. Have your students already left for summer vacation? These ideas can easily be repurposed for the start of the year. Use your Cutout Maker 1800 to expidite the preparation so you can enjoy every last moment with your students. 

This Year Flew By! 

Suggested Cutout Maker Shapes: SEA023, STN042

Idea & Image Source: MPM School Supplies 

Beginning of year: Feature the title "Summer Flew By!" and have students write their favorite part of their summer. This will be a wonderful get-to-know-you activity for students and staff alike. 



My Summer Bucket ListTell Me More About the  Cutout Maker 1800!

Suggested Cutout Maker Shapes: USA226

Idea & Image Source: My Classroom Ideas

Beginning of year: Change summer to "school year" or "class" - ask students to think about what they want to learn or experience in the coming year! 


Snap Shots of our Year

Suggested Cutout Maker Shapes: TRA001

Idea & Image Source: Little Soaring Eagles Blog

Beginning of the year: Change "year" to "summer!"



Pocket Full of Memories

Suggested Cutout Maker Shapes: APP031

Idea & Image Source: The Classroom Creative

Beginning of the Year: Agan, focus the writing activity on memories from the summer. Use as an ice breaker for students to get to know each other!


My Future is Bright Because...

Suggested Cutout Maker Shapes: MSK021, MSK071

Idea & Image Source: Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Beginning of the Year: Have students reflect on what they want to learn or accomplish this year. You could adjust the bulletin board to indicate the bright future of the school year ahead!



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Do any of these bulletin boards look familiar? How do you help students reflect on the end of the school year? Let us know in the comments!