VariQuest Launching Unit: Reader's Workshop

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Launching units are designed to orient students to classroom expectations and procedures, and to energize them for the year ahead. They carefully model behavior, routines, and activities while allowing students to help create expectations and guidelines for themselves, which creates a classroom community that will strengthen learning environments for the remainder of the year. 

This Reader's Workshop, designed for intermediate students in grades 4-6, emphasizes the use of anchor charts and individual student responsibility for choosing books, discussing texts, and effectively collaborating with other students in pairs and small groups. 

Quick Overview: 

  • Contains 14 lessons and over 45 downloadable anchor charts, templates, and posters

  • Designed for grades 4-6

  • Rockin' music theme

  • Easy to use in digital form

  • Combination of individual, small group, and classwide activities

  • Exit tickets, worksheets, and evaluative strategies for teachers included

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