Opening Schools Safely

What will you need to open after COVID-19?

opening schools safely ebook thumbIt's been a strange, strange year. But our world will keep turning, and we will welcome students back into school buildings soon. With changing CDC Guidelines and plenty of measures being recommended to keep our communities safe, you'll need ways to create pieces on-demand - and we're here to help.

Prominently displaying safety expectations, school information, directional signage, labels, and social-emotional supports throughout your school building can give students, staff, and parents the confidence and security they need for a safe return.

Download this free eBook from VariQuest to learn more about:

  • Poster needs and templates for virus prevention (including printables!)
  • Signage needs for directional guidelines and distancing
  • Labeling needs for health supplies like hand sanitizer, personal protection equipment (PPE), and more 
  • Helpful links to CDC guidelines to keep up with changing recommendations