ExploreYourWorldImage.pngFree Lesson Plan Unit for Grades 1-3: "Explore Your World"

As kindness and understanding among cultures becomes increasingly more important in our turbulent world today, it might be challenging to come up with ways to help students understand others’ backgrounds and relate to those perceived as different than them. As parents, friends, and teachers – we can only “tell” a child so much; the “showing” is where the experience becomes real.

In partnership with The Curriculum Corner, we’ve created this free lesson plan unit comprised of 16 lessons to help a child relate their own daily lives to those on the other side of the globe. As we at VariQuest focus on kinesthetic and project-based learning, each of the units involves hands-on activities and games, plus 82 downloadable templates that will make the experience of traveling to another country feel more real for your students – trying out everything from packing your bags, to speaking the language, to tasting the foods – and how those experiences run parallels to their own lives.

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