How Are You Feeling? A Mental Health Check-In Activity

Feelings PackDownload posters and a worksheet to check in on the mental wellbeing of students in your classroom!

With educators often the first source of student support and guidance outside the home, it's important to track their feelings in the classroom and beyond. Use this activity with students to guide group discussions and design lesson plans around making sure all students are heard and loved.

1. Show students the "How are you feeling today?" poster graphic, and talk about what each of the emotions shown, mean to them. Discuss or share examples of instances that might make them feel each emotion.

2. Distribute the "How are you feeling?" worksheet, and have students fill it out at the beginning of each week, writing about how they're feeling at that time, and why they feel that way. Encourage them to be as descriptive and honest as possible. They can also indicate whether they're comfortable with you sharing their entry with the class - if they're particularly proud of their work.

3. Use the "How are we feeling" poster to mark and track how the class is feeling in a given week, and share the results with them. You could ask the class to create a chart to depict the results for a math project, use the results to lead group discussions and lessons, or simply share with the class your findings and ask them what solutions they might have for anyone feeling less than happy.