Interactive Bulletin Board: Tweet About It! Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on July 23rd, 2015

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Interactive Bulletin Board: Tweet About It!

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Bulletin boards are a classic staple of the K-12 classroom. Over the years, educators have spiced things up and made their bulletin boards interactive, so they are a dynamic part of visual and kinesthetic learning in addition to an anchor visual. One fun way to do this? Bring the hashtag into your classroom--make a tweet board! 


4th grade teaching blog Texas Teaching Fanatic recommends using the tweets as a substitute for traditional exit tickets. Rather than distributing a piece of paper to each student then collecting day after day, each student is assigned a "white board" to write their answer on each day. This allows for a great visual for educators as well, as they can easily gauge the class's understanding of the day's lesson. 

Another idea is to use your Cutout Maker 1800 to create a bird and callout for each student. We recommend using these shapes:

  • Birds: STN009, ANI1013
  • Circle Word Bubble: WRI052

After reading a book or going over a specific unit, put a prompt or image at the center of the board and have each student write a takeaway on their speech bubble and place it next to their "tweeter" bird! Students can read each others reflections and reinforce the concepts of the unit or topic.

Don't forget to use the ease of the Cutout Maker to make a large and fun header like: "Tweet What you Know!" or "Something to Tweet About!

Bonus fun: as a class, come up with a hashtag for the unit for your tweet board! Who knows, maybe your class will be the next trending topic.

We found inspiration for this activity from the blog above, but also from the Mandy Project 365 blog!

Have you ever used a social media theme in your classroom? How has it engaged students? We'd love to hear from you--let us know in the comments!

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